Baking Bread in New York

by Emon Hassan on October 2, 2012

Got into bread baking last week. Yes, last week. If you’d told me a week and a half ago that someday I might bake bread (and enjoy it) I’d have laughed at you. Hard.

So after a week of baking ugly looking bread, this morning was born a pretty one.

No worries, I have no intention of (nor do I have what it takes) food blogging. I will just be posting a photo or two (with an iPhone because DSLR would just make it too serious, wouldn’t it) of what I bake.

Ladies and gents, I had feared the unknown in bread baking all those years. That cherry’s popped and I probably will never buy bread from the store again. If I can do it, so can anyone.

Eating your own creation has never felt this good.

This is the book I’m working from. And this is Jeff and Zoe’s blog.

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