New York Giants – 1913

by Emon Hassan on February 3, 2012

The former New York Giants, before moving to San Francisco in 1957, called Polo Grounds their home, as did many other giants of New York sporting teams. I’m sure fans of Baseball & Football will out-history me by a mile when it comes to New York sports history. I’m interested in that common… um… ground of their existence.

The New York Giants, after a good portion of the Polo Grounds in Washington Heights (aka Polo Grounds III) had burned down in 1911, were forced to share Hilltop Park with the New York Highlanders, ironically the very team the founder of NY Giants had opposed to settling in New York.

The photos you’re about to see below are of the New York Giants in 1913 – and a few from between 1909-1911 season, about 4 months after the Grounds were repaired – playing in Polo Grounds IV, via the Library of Congress Flickr pages. There’s no way a few paragraphs will do justice to the history of this part of Manhattan when it came to sporting teams. But the two of the most well known events in Polo Grounds history is: Shot Heard ‘Round The World, and The Catch.

Also, click here for some pictures of the New York Female Giants.

Hover mouse over pictures for caption. via Library of Congress’s Flickr.
[New York NL Giants team at Polo Grounds (baseball)] (LOC)

[John Brush Hempstead, son of the New York Giants president Harry Hempstead and grandson of the late John T. Brush (former president of the New York Giants), throws out first pitch of Game One of the 1913 World Series at the Polo Grounds, New York (baseba
[Chief Meyers, New York NL (baseball)] (LOC)
[Bill Carrigan (Boston AL) & Chief Meyers (New York NL) during World Series at Polo Grounds, NY, 1912 (baseball)] (LOC)
[Wilbert Robinson, Coach, New York NL Giants (baseball)] (LOC)
[Larry McLean, New York NL (baseball)] (LOC)

Below are shot between 1909-1912
[Fred Snodgrass, New York NL (baseball), at the 1911 World Series] (LOC)
[Louis Drucke, New York, NL (baseball)] (LOC)
[Fred Merkle (New York NL) at bat, Red Murray (New York NL) walking in background, and unidentified catcher at the Polo Grounds, NY, 1911 World Series (baseball)] (LOC)

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