New York, New York

by Emon Hassan on October 19, 2009

A few weeks ago I decided to embark on a journey to create a photo archive of New York as I see it. My love for this city is unmeasurable and I don’t see why I shouldn’t be another person to contribute to its pictorial history. However, I do have one mission: to focus on helping preserve some of the city’s and state’s neglected sites and locations.

When the Ken Burns doc aired a couple of weeks ago this urge to document intensified. Since it’s almost impossible to venture out West to photograph the Yosemites and the Yellow Stones, I decided to look up places nearby in the meantime. I tell you, I’ve been blind. New York City alone, forget New York State, has so much to be explored that it will keep me occupied for some time.

So this video from TED Talks has to be a sign of sort to have dropped in on me. As if I didn’t have enough juice to pump me up and make me go out and document. The Mannahatta Project is the kind of thing I love.

I have not been sitting idle these past weeks. So far, I’ve visited Governor’s Island, Sandy Hook Island, Roosevelt Island, and Ellis Island to kick things off. Pretty sure one trip is not enough and I’ll find myself back there again. There’s so much more to see, experience, photograph, and record. And so few years allowed to a human being. I’m sure it will be an ongoing project that will spin off into other projects, but I’m not going to wait for a good time to start doing this. Thank heavens for Metrocards and friends who care about what you do!! But if I do want to do it at a larger scale I’ll need to find a way to fund this project. We’ll see.

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