5D Mark II Quickie

by Emon Hassan on April 6, 2009

Had two missions: do some random evening shots practicing the manual focus, and find a way to output smaller and smoother video for web. I mean what good is it to have HD video if our crappy Internet connection can’t help us enjoy it?

This time I imported the raw files from the camera, exported as one file with MPEG Streamclip (HD 720p).  Then output to a .MOV, and finally used MPEG Streamclip to create a smaller file with the following:

– h.264



– and limit to 1 mb/s

– deinterlace

Not sure if deinterlace was necessary though. The 48 second video file came out to 6.6 mb. Not bad. Vimeo has not converted the file since yesterday so I decided to put it on Flickr. I’m still trying to figure out a lot of things so it’s all a work in progress.

However, and this may take a little while to finish, but was very, very happy with the footage I shot of the NYC band Jones Street Station this past Saturday. You know you debate and debate about buying an L lens…and then you look at something you shot with it and it pays you back right then and there.

However, the $90 lens I shot this with ain’t too shabby.

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