A Short List for Success

by Emon Hassan on July 23, 2009

You probably know by now that Amazon and Zappos are sitting in a tree. Not surprising however that both companies share a common philosophy, and a short list of rules that took them to where they are today. Jeff Bezos has always fascinated me; the man’s kept his shit together despite the wave of tsunami, esp. criticism, he’s had splash over him for 15 years (remember when most thought Kindle would fail?).

Anyway, here he is, instead of simply announcing a dry announcement and sound bytes of Amazon partnering with Zappos, he goes through a list of things that he’s followed from the beginning. And you understand how the two companies were bound to come together some day. Of course, I know that just liking a companies philosophy means shit if partnering with it won’t bring you tons of money, and that Zappos’s warehouse location in Kentucky is a major factor.

But, let’s look past that because reasons behind merging will not make you and I a better shoe shopper. The video I wanted to share because Bezos mentions the very basic principles he’s followed over the years and they are pretty ordinary. While you’re here, check out the TED video with him from 2 years ago.

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