Happy Father’s Day

by Emon Hassan on June 17, 2007

I’d heard this song at least a few hundred times but never paid attention to the lyrics; I didn’t need words to tell me how beautiful a song is.

Then someone asked, “What did you buy your dad for Father’s Day?” I told her. She felt sorry. ‘Sorry’ gets heavier and heavier with time. I did carry her question with me until…

…an hour later it met, along with my rehearsed answer, this song. How could I have missed it all this time? How can an apparently simple, sweet song turn around one day and hit you that hard. Makes it so hard to fight back tears. People on the street noticed, I think. Too bad.

When you press play, please ignore the picture and just listen. I once mentioned somewhere that I must be mourning my dad’s death in increments. That was him back in 89, whose heart ran out of summers. I wasn’t old enough to ask him “wait, what’s the sense in life.” What would he have replied?

It’s the second verse that completed the devastation – the tears had won the fight. No you can’t live in a castle far away. You have to deal with the world…today.

You’re next to a phone, aren’t you? Happy Father’s Day.

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