No One

by Emon Hassan on February 1, 2008

Haven’t had a head-loop in a while. Thought I was losing touch. I was never into her music but this album converted me. It’s beginning to end beautiful and her singing is more raw and her emotion flows like lava.

This song has been in the repeat mode for a couple of days now on my iPod. It’s one of those perfectly produced songs that has the various musical elements come in just at the right times. The distorted arpeggio part is pure genius; so is the section towards the end where you can hear the horns. Mm mm.

Anyway, as usual I look for a different interpretation – but this time have to go with her own live version for a Japanese TV show. The first 3 minutes is the interview. If watching giggling Japanese interviewers is your thing (you know who you are) then by all means. Otherwise you can skip to 3:32 for the song.

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