Wedding Videography + Photography: Look Again

by Emon Hassan on January 31, 2008

I’d first read about Patrick and Amina in Event DV. Interested me enough to check out their work and I was amazed at what they’ve done, shattering my perception of wedding documentation. So good was Patrick and Amina’s work that Canon used their work to create a commercial and invite them to give talks. Here’s that video.

The wedding videos are produced as if sequences from film and television movies. That’s how good they look. That’s mostly Patrick who’s, virtually no training, picked up the camera a few years ago and is now creating something like this. I must admit that watching that video inspired me to just pick up the camera – the little one I have – and simply tell stories and quit making fucking excuses for not having time.

Some stories are best told in stills. And Amina tells them extremely well.

Why wouldn’t clients love you and want you if you make them look like royalty, and their ceremony a million dollar event.

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