Back to Workin’ Again

by Emon Hassan on March 25, 2008

Thank you to those who’ve commented on my Drained post. Along the lines of what BC said in one of those comments happened to me this past weekend. I’d decided to – finally – move on to the new projects by burying the old ones (meaning, post them online). I’d dusted off (not literally) the first short film I’d made in 2005 (shot in ’04) and was about to convert it when I realized: I know how to edit video. Why not make the changes in the movie that have always bothered the hell out of me? Minor tweaks, I said to myself.

Not recommended if you don’t know what follow these decisions. I ended up spending the whole weekend digging up all the footage from the shoot. Let’s just say ‘minor tweaks’ is no longer minor. I did not, however, change anything in the way the story unfolds. Besides, couldn’t mess with the parts with music because the score fits like a glove. Long story short: I’m uploading the movie online this Friday so you guys can check it out over the weekend.

Going back to BC’s comment and illustrating my point: Editing this has gotten me all charged up again. I can’t wait to shoot again. Being on set, or lack thereof, working with actors my favorite part in production. It’s when collaboration makes sense, and then makes magic. I’m not good at collaborating during writing or editing. I’m not against it. I just haven’t found anyone worth collaborating with.

But…all that’s for another day. Right now, I feel good about being back to writing and workin’ towards a new project.    You’re right, BC, it can’t be forced.

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