Wayback to Basics on Blogging

by Emon Hassan on August 8, 2008

Reading my feeds this lovely morn when read about this. I’m subscribed to Occam’s Razor but thought I’d drop by the blog; been a while since I have. He mentioned a post by Kawasaki that gave him two ‘aha’ moments (my words not his). Funny how I missed that post even though I’ve been reading that blog for about two years now. Kawasaki links to 3 posts from other bloggers, 2 of which I found very, very helpful.

Priyah Shah wrote hers back in 2004 but the basics mentioned are rock solid, not the stuff about RSS and pings because since then they’ve taken leaps.

Rajesh Setty’s Blog Starter Checklist page is chock full of more resources you can’t get enough of. Kawasaki recommends Setty’s e-book as well.

Promoting your blog with efficiency is as important and posting good content. After all you’ve started the blog to find an audience. Self-promotion is looked at being shameful but only if you’re shameless. Look at it this way, there are hundreds of ways an audience will find you. You want the right ones to come your way and by properly optimizing your content you make it easier for them to find you. Still learning.

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