Where Are You in This Picture?

by Emon Hassan on July 15, 2009

You know, if you woke up each morning not being sure if you’d get another day, I bet you would do everything differently. You’d not do the shit-job you hate, you’d not be with the shit-person you’re with, you’d not shit-feel the way you have been, and you’d not build a shit-castle and call it happiness. You really need the lady with the whitest teeth on television to tell you how to save your money? You really need the guy named after a currency to have faith in yourself? And most importantly, do you really need them to remind you the exact same things day after day, month after month, year after year?

What is it that you are really waiting for to happen tomorrow, or the week after, or the year after? Not that perfect moment that will change your life, is it? When you’re planning to change in future tense, it will always stay that way. And your lack of faith in yourself to do it today, don’t you see, keeps putting food on their table, clothes on their back, and roof over their heads? Why are you cutting yourself into pieces and giving it all away like an everyday sale at Wal-Mart?

It boils down to this: you either go on existing to be a part of someone else’s big picture, or you step down, gather yourself, and take out your brush.

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