Block Party

by Emon Hassan on September 14, 2009

I often find myself falling in a trap of seeking approval of others. But I don’t like that word so I’ll call it recognition.

But nothing I do is likely to get that recognition from those whom I’ve set out to offend in the first place. Long story.

I’m too preoccupied these days fretting about the right way to do things. Does not make for ‘fuck you, establishment’ type of work. Now those get recognized, politicized, ostracized, circumcised, and idolized.

But then, no one will find you boring when you’re that way. The things you want most in life are the ones you should be able to ditch in a second; exception, family.

Fitting in is a lot like doing manual labor with shitty pay. Opting out of the norm is where the pot of gold is.

I wonder why all this occurs to me to write about while I’m sitting at Starbucks at 8pm trying to read the ‘Why the Beatles Broke Up’ issue of Rolling Stone.

I think I have a creative block. And ‘I think’ should never be in the same sentence with ‘creative’.

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