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by Emon Hassan on February 16, 2009

I’ve utilized my weekend well, finally, and worked almost all the way through. It felt good because usually I’d be sitting here after midnight, Monday morning, bitching and moaning about how I didn’t get any work done over the weekend, and if I had planned a little better, done a little more, and organized a little better, I’d have had a better weekend.

Not tonight, son! I got a lot done, got a lot read, got a lot of shit organized. Hi five! Things have been slow on this blog but for the time being, and I’ve said so at the beginning of this year that, I’ll be working a lot more on the guitar blog. Lots going on there. Keeping up with 2 Twitter accounts isn’t easy either. By the way, shed off 2/3 of my follows and am sporting a lean follower base. Don’t need to follow someone just because (s)he is famous. I don’t care about their thoughts.

The weekend, come to think of it, is a blur. A blur that includes watching Steely Dan’s Aja, The Last Waltz, finishing two books on photography (mostly diagrams, so was easy), re-organizing Beatles catalog for iPod (going by albums and not ‘greatest hits’ etc), finishing off a pile of magazines, and spent a lot of time editing video interviews for Guitarkadia (one of which is up now). Then about an hour ago, decided to do a recap of things I posted last week.

Enough plug for that blog. Let’s get some fresh juice over here. My motto has always been to learn one new thing a day. What better way to go for that than watch some TED. This video you’re about to see just blew me away. Brilliant minds inspire and then give a nudge. This one shook things up. While some of us waste time thinking about how stupid Valentine’s day is, others are breaking new grounds with their hard work and dedication. Learn baby learn!

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