Chapter Five: The Science of Moshing

by Emon Hassan on December 5, 2008

Valerie likes her new school, and somewhat the new city. Not so much her new family. They seem nice, but still.

He hates the way the lead singer gets all the attention. He doesn’t even have a good voice. A lot of people think he, Doug, is talented. Even the ones who don’t like him; he favors their opinion more. The mosh pit is raging. He just feels his pick hitting the heavy gauge strings but hears no music. One of those nights.

Valerie likes her new school. She likes to say that to herself over and over. It doesn’t matter that she really doesn’t belong there. She just needs a good start.

Doug wishes they would cheer his name too. The kids who He wrote the damn song. Shouldn’t fans know that? Not cool.

Valerie walks in. Snakes through the crowd and parks herself in front of the stage. Blows the lead singer a kiss. Then looks at Doug. Their smiles synch up!

Love stories begin at moments like this. This one did.

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