Chapter Twelve: Songwriting

by Emon Hassan on December 22, 2008

…that’s not why Doug lived and loved heavy metal. He loved heavy metal because it seemed to understand him, his life better.

4 months went by since he last saw Valerie. What he misses about her he doesn’t quite understand. She betrayed him, that’s all he wants to know. But his early songs will tell you, he was not quite sure how the world works. He wrote how he felt. He let the music he wrote tell him later how he felt when he was writing it. He hasn’t written for a long time. The old songs recycled for a while and then dropped dead.

‘Only You’

The title seems to be plastered ever inch of his room’s wall, hidden by posters of his favorite guitar players. They all smile.

Valerie showed up in his life, and remembered to bring both happiness and misery. Misery she had plenty to give; and she went to work early.

Eminor – A minor – D major …

…then what? G major is too obvious. He can’t be obvious anymore. He just can’t. Not when he should prove to himself he does not miss Valerie. She has to go away. And she has to take the 3 years of their lives together with her. She made him believe he could achieve anything. He believed her. He gave up everything he’d planned before he met Valerie and made new plans. It felt good to write new plans. They smelled fresh. They made him walk with his head up high and his shoulders back.

She broke down his wall – she liked to tell him, the safe place he’d stayed behind all those years so he wouldn’t be hurt; so he wouldn’t find what he’d lose later. That’s how she left him – no wall to hide behind; nothing left to piece together what had broken in him, about him.

He strums. G major. It sounds right. ‘Only You’ should be a ballad, he decides.’Only You’ should be the best song he’s ever written. ‘Only You’ should not be about Valerie.

He smiles. Because…

Henry is back.

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