Ciao N95

by Emon Hassan on August 2, 2008

3 weeks is over.

And the hardest moments were…re-boxing. I mean, come on, I made an unboxing video! Believe me when I say that I had to go back to the video to figure out where the items were exactly in the box. The rapid fire edits didn’t help.

Re-boxing, in short, was tough. Kept thinking if I’d forgotten something. Did the bubble wrap cover the adapter sideways? Did the adapter come inside the box, or outside? How many books were in the box? Which plastic wrapper was for the remote control? Should I leave the SIM card in? I mean…ay dios mio!

DHL picks up the package today. I’ll miss my little Nokemon. I’ll think of you when I edit footage shot with you, and about you. Where will you end up next, #23?  Thanks for the memories – all 8 gigs of it.    :)

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