Cinderella Children

by Emon Hassan on June 29, 2008

I’m always fascinated by the one-person enterprise. Someone who will take on a grand mission on his/her own and won’t stop for permission or support to see it come to fruition. This particular story is extra remarkable because it brings together two such people; one who embarked on a mission to change lives, the other to document that story.

Matthew Clift‘s solo journey started when he was asked to volunteer for a project in Uganda. He writes:

In 1992, Irene Gleeson, an Australian grandmother, sold all she had and moved to Uganda to setup an orphanage for children made orphans by a AIDS and a 20 year civil war. By 2007 the organization she set up had grown to the stage it was caring for over 7000 children daily and it was our hope that by creating a documentary about her, we would be able to build awareness of the organisation and in turn raise funds so she could assist more children.

The article is mainly a guide to the essentials of being a one man crew but to me it’s about heart. Why should the lack of anything material keep you from creating a story or capturing one? If you let it, it will. It didn’t stop James Longley.

It shouldn’t stop anyone.

Cinderella Children.

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