Coupla Words on Brick Lane: The Movie

by Emon Hassan on June 20, 2008

It’s a fine, fine book I’m sure. But the movie’s trailer smelled of typical westernized version of Asian stories. The female singer drone, the thick accent – by the way, the father and grandmother’s accent (because they’re in the preview) is the heavy Indian accent. Bangladeshi-accented English is very distinct. I know because I’m one (Bangladeshi, that is). We don’t pronounce ‘what’ as ‘vwat.’ We don’t pronounce ‘father’ as ‘faatha.’ We just fucking don’t. Bengali’s from Calcutta is a different thing. Listen to Dr. Yunus talk on Charlie Rose and you’ll have a good idea what I’m talking about. We don’t do legato. But who gives a shit when a film needs to be made.

Yeah yeah…the actor’s union this and that and yeah yeah there are no Bangladeshi’s in the UK – yeah right – who could’ve played those parts. Blah blah. I watched the trailer and wondered if Om Puri turned down the part of the father. Puri faked a Bangladeshi father in White Teeth. Not only was his accent there as fake as that pit bull’s drivers license, in parts of the movie when he cursed he threw in Hindi words as if no one would notice. For example: ‘haraamzaade’ – meaning bastard – instead of ‘haramjada’. No legato, bitches!

You’re telling me they couldn’t find one dialect coach to teach these actors to speak – at least- the accented-English properly?

Aw…fuck it! Why bother.

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