C. R. E. E. P.

by Emon Hassan on June 3, 2009

Can be bunched in with ‘stalker’ or ‘jealousy’ etc but that would be labeling it unjustly.

Wikipedia says it’s

“…the tendency of a solid material to slowly move or deform permanently under the influence of stresses. It occurs as a result of long term exposure to levels of stress that are below the yield strength of the material. Creep is more severe in materials that are subjected to heat for long periods, and near the melting point. Creep always increases with temperature.”

Substitute ‘solid material’ with ‘person’ and the metaphors will kick in.

We all relate to that word in our own ways. And that Radiohead song becomes our soundtrack when we do. Why make a general statement like that? Because no matter who covers this and no matter where it’s played, the audience response is almost always like this.

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