emonome weekly : December 22, 2013

by Emon Hassan on December 22, 2013

ABOUT: Publishing  Sundays at 8AM (EST), emonome weekly is a list of what I’ve read, watched, and listened to in Film, Television, Audio, and Multimedia. This week covers the past few weeks.

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1. I really enjoy listening to the Longform.org Podcast. Guest #73 is Joe Sexton of “Snow Fall” fame.

2. The Hollywood Reporter Roundtable continues with Documentary Directors.

and Casting Directors

3. Four Audiobooks with a Brand New Sound. Via NPR.

The Storm King is not an audio version of a novel. Instead, it’s a whole series of spoken word performances, read by someone we usually hear singing: Pete Seeger.
“It’s really a production of a program that was written to be recorded with [Seeger] talking about stories, and the music is all integrated into the program,” Whitten says. “It’s really a very exciting and special program.”

4. 12 Years A Slave DP Sean Bobbitt on Hand held cinematography.

5. The World’s Most Popular Film Industry Turns 100. via NPR.

Bright colors, intricate dance sequences, melodramatic plots and great music are hallmarks of India’s movie industry, which got its start 100 years ago. NPR’s Scott Simon explores the Indian cinema with Rajinder Dudrah, aka Doc. Bollywood.

6. Before there was Hollywood, there was Fort Lee.

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