Emonome Weekly: December 8, 2013

by Emon Hassan on December 8, 2013

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1Great multimedia piece by NPR’s Planet Money: “Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt


2. Is this gossip? Let’s call it industry news. “Inside the Promising, Hellish, Doomed Business Romance of Nikki Finke and Jay Penske” by Benjamin Wallace.

When Penske started discussions with Finke, he was in the process of building a collection of websites, many based around personal brands. They came to terms in the summer of 2009—he bought Deadline for an amount that would ultimately pay out a minimum of $14 million. This made Finke rich.


3. Kevin Tent (ACE) on editing “Nebraska”

“I kind of work everywhere. I am a freelancer, but I make myself available to work with Alexander or directors I work with all the time. Basically, people need an editor and look around and go, ‘What about this guy?’ And are foolish enough to hire me [laughs].”


4. Edgar Burcksen, A.C.E. : Should We Be Shouldering the Weight of Post-Production?

In 1970, as an apprentice in the cutting room of Richard Marden, editor of Sunday Bloody Sunday, we were a happy bunch; Dick, two assistants and myself. Now, as a motion picture editor, I’m mostly by myself, only sharing occasional intense sessions with the director and/or producer.


5. “Mixing the Zombie Apocalypse : Anna Behlmer and Lora Hirschberg” by Laura Almo

With over 200 credits between them, re-recording mixers Anna Behlmer and Lora Hirschberg are at the top of their game. Mixing anywhere from four-to-six films a year, Behlmer and Hirschberg knew of each other but had never worked together. And then came World War Z, director Marc Forster’s zombie movie with soul, which opened June 21 through Paramount Pictures.


6. A little older but a good read: “7 Time-Management Tricks From Chris Hardwick, Man Of 1,000 TV Shows” by Joe Berkowitz.

“I thought it was important to see how much time I was wasting, so I got a timer and started measuring things. How long it takes me to check email, how long does it take me to write, how long before I burn out and need to take a break. Once you start tracking your time, you become like a scientist. If you have data, you can manipulate data. If I know I spend three hours essentially going down a wiki rabbit hole or being on YouTube, I can change that.”

7. Noise: A History of Human is a 30-part radio series produced by BBC. Must listen!

8. I love The Hollywood Reporter’s Roundtable series. Glad there was one with Cinematographers this year. Editors, please! Roundtable with writers is not made available for embedding but here’s the direct link.



9. There’s a great series “Film School Through Commentaries” started by @digifruitella. This is the website, and here’s the YouTube channel.



10. Trailer Spotlight:

Tarryn Lee Crossman’s “Fatherland” (Documentary).

Fatherland is a coming-of-age documentary set in the remote South African bush. It follows a group of Afrikaner boys over 9 days at a military-style camp in the spirit of their fathers before them. However, what starts out as basic training, fitness and camaraderie soon intensifies as the true nature of the camp is revealed and the boys are forced to question their place in the ‘New South Africa’.


11. A Touch of Sin [fiction]


12.  The result of 147 filmmakers responding to P.OV.’s “2013 Documentary Filmmaking Equipment Survey”

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