Directing Daniella

by Emon Hassan on April 3, 2008

Man, this Taco Bell game is so addicting (addictive?). Basically you use your mouse to take snaps of Daniella and pretend as if you’re an SI photog. It’s not easy because she’s constantly moving about but my first try gave me one or two good pics.


Naturally, I told myself I could do better. I took her to the beach this time.


Then I find out I can vary the size of the camera frame with my arrow keys. Fuck, I need to give this another try.






That was quite a bit of fun, actually. Now, getting a couple of good shots here doesn’t mean shit because on actual shoots you wouldn’t be snapping with a fucking mouse. Besides, her “is that a zoom lens in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” expression won’t give you much of a range to work with.

Unless you’re packing a 200mm. ;)

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