Does Randomness Cure Creative Rut?

by Emon Hassan on February 14, 2008

Everyone around us is creative in his/her own way. It’s when some of us decide we’re better than others that causes the problem. Creative rut happens. Not to be confused with creative block because block stops everything in its tracks. Block is an excuse to not face with ruts; know what I mean?

Creative freedom comes from exercising the rights your inner creative forces (ideas) have to express themselves. Each idea wants to come out and have its own personality. The best ideas surprise, sometimes make you wonder about your mental health. Mediocre ones makes you smile, keeps health fine. Bad ones make you lotsa money. If an idea comes out of you and it bothers you that it came out of you, you should celebrate because something you’re not familiar with decided to make you its channel.

I get into a rut when I try to tell myself I should make every idea good, every picture good, every sentence great. Awful situation to be in, if you ask me. Blank screen wins the staring contest and the camera looks away from good shots. Mediocrity creeps in unnoticed. What’s a boy to do? Well, I do exactly what I can’t think about in advance. Reasoning is just too slow for your run with spontaneity. Let it A. Let if B. Let it C.

I’ve recently decided to bring randomness to my videos. Basically, I’ll shoot short bits of video that will have no meaning whatsoever. Whenever I feel like it I’ll click, record, and stop. I’d noticed that I’d been thinking way too much about doing videos than actually doing them. I bring up the excuse that I get no time after work to plan things out. Pretty lame. I wanted to be set free of that. Random videos might help me do that. Might not. I just feel like doing it.

So, gentle folks, the random video feature will be a regular on this blog from now on. I haven’t posted photos in a while either so the next post has to be of a photo. All this song and dance to justify embedding a 25-second video that I don’t know what to make of. But hey, this is no time for thinking.

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