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Double Three

by Emon Hassan on February 28, 2009

That’s my number today.

Some things I’ve learned about myself this past year.

1. What keeps me going is also what drives me crazy.

2. I have a very complicated relationship with myself. Which makes everyone else’s decision very easy.

3. I am more accepting of some of my flaws as being human. Or is it the other way around?

4. Age is not just a number. It’s a reminder of how much time I’ve left before I’m forgotten.

5. ‘Forgive and forget’ is a sack of shit advice. I tried them (on myself as well). Doesn’t work. Instead, say them out loud only. They’ll believe you.

6. I’ll never get over her, I have a feeling. Or, it will be a while…or still, never. Tough one. Have to mull over that for a while.

And the most important thing I’ve learned this past year:

7. Every morning, my fretting over these points -they are more than 6, I assure you – the previous night gives me a chuckle (how silly of me, I say). Then every night, the chuckle fades fast and I’m off to acquiring a brand new gray hair.

Some would say ‘You didn’t have to sign up for this, you know.’ But how else would I want what I can’t have in life?

Perhaps I ought to do a George Costanza and do the opposite of what I’ve been doing.

Then…I just might have a taste of everything I’ve always wanted.


* can you tell I wrote this in the p.m? :)


photo by Emon Hassan

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