Eagle, or Chicken?

by Emon Hassan on July 18, 2008


Something about that word invokes the image of a large bird flying over mountains. For someone on foot those same mountains are obstacles. Yet this bird spreads its wings and knows no boundaries. Humans have a tendency to tie themselves to other people or things. Sometimes both. The more we do so the shorter our wings get. Then a day comes when you’re no longer a wide wing spanning eagle but a clucking chicken. You will taste good to everyone and unfortunately can’t run far from them. As they say, you never can go anywhere by being in one place.

Don’t pack up and move yet; It’s not the body that needs freeing. So when you wake up each morning there ought to be two options given to your mind: be an eagle and glide past mountains everyone else sees as obstacles, or be a chicken and end up as some douchebag’s lunch.

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