EveryBlock NYC/Galicia Restaurant

by Emon Hassan on April 6, 2008

Is there such a thing as too much info? Maybe not when it comes to your neighborhood. EveryBlock brings together feeds about your neighborhood including crime, lost and found, photos, restaurant inspections etc. You can search within 1, 3, or 8 block radius of the zip you’re looking into.

Personally, it was shocking to see what kind of crime and violations have been reported near me. Will being aware of them make me feel any safer? Do I really want to know how much that building across the street sold for?

I like the reviews, news, and photos sections. It would be cool if my pics were ‘mapped’ on Flickr;  I probably will do them just so they show up on the feeds.

I had to look into restaurant inspections.  One of my favorites, Galicia (the one in blue) had none  (later: has no violations, I meant). There aren’t many with zero violations, I’m afraid.

My personal endorsement for Galicia Restaurant is for a very different reason, besides the food being great. Many years ago, when I decided to give guitar lessons, Benny (one of the owners) would let me post flyers right behind the cash register, sometimes ripping off other posters and flyers. I’ll never forget that.

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