Exposed on NY Times? Bring An Umbrella.

by Emon Hassan on May 25, 2008

This piece on NYTimes by former Gawker editor Emily Gould has already generated 1065 (as of 1:25 pm) comments. I don’t think the acid shower of tongues is going to stop anytime soon. It has also revived passionate (more like ‘pissed’) responses on that clip of her interview on CNN.

Reading all these comments, I wonder what are all these people really pissed about? Who are these people? Let’s judge them, shall we. The following are just a few clipped from the comments page:

To me this is a clear sign of someone that is filling a need to talk, rather than someone that has a good point to make. [sounds like something you’d hear on Dr. Phil]

I hope that the New York Times is not paying her for this piece. I long for the days when writers were people who had something to say. [(s)he must be a writer]

The blogging epidemic strikes me as the height of self-indulgence, without any real regard for the common good. [Dalai Lama called. He wants his lines back]

(yawn) [beats the shortest sentence in English language]

I am an avid reader of blogs, but I’ve never been at all interested in things like Gawker or the sick exhibitionism of people who crave attention to shore up their personal weaknesses. I read blogs about science, academia, kottke, literary studies, graduate student life, etc. [Didn’t know Kottke was a subject]

I suggest this, turn off the computer, buy a notebook, keep a journal, then another, then another and do this. Put the journals away in a closet and take them out again when your children are 25+. That way they can #1 be interested, and #2 learn about you when they are your age now. Other than that please stop wasting your time blogging, get on with life, and stop boring the rest of the world. Ultimately we don’t care and we don’t have the time for your selfishness. Goodbye, try and have a great life. [Dr. Phil would be proud]

And of course, I saved the best for last:

After skimming though your blog today, I have only two comments that should make you feel less under a microscope. I don’t know you you are, and I don’t care to.

I know. I have better things to do than copy/paste comments. So I am going to update you with the current tally of comments – as of 2:16pm – 1090. 25 fresh comments!! Very tempting. :)

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