Forgot to Thank B&H

by Emon Hassan on March 16, 2008

Of course, I thank you a million times, deary, for giving me this gift. And you know it brought a tear or two to mine eyeses. But I have to – which I should have the first time – thank folks at B&H who’ve shown me, once again, why this place rocks! The two hours or so I’ve spent asking question and question, they’ve answered them all and more. Usually when you go buy electronics at other stores the sales guy will play the ‘expensive is better’ card and dump stuff on you that makes you feel like the morning after a one-night stand – a whore!

I wasn’t sure what lens to get, what card reader to get, or pretty much, what any accessories to choose from; I only knew I wanted an XTi. The guy – wish I asked him to spell his name; I’ll ballpark it as ‘Nooy’ (somebody know him, please let me know the right sp) – demoed various lenses on an XTi, explained why one has a better advantage over the other and, get this, looked up deals that would save me money on this purchase. In short, I left happy. He’d also given several tips on the camera, batteries, etc and which carrying case would fit the camera right for the dollar. The guy who helped me at the carrying case section asked what I was looking for in a case and he pointed me to an even better case that fit my needs and for a cheaper price.

Let a store help you buy what you need when you yourself don’t know what it is? I would B, and H…both…anyday :)

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