Success: Git Er Done or Git Lost!

by Emon Hassan on November 27, 2008

Was wondering why I can’t get anything done after my dayjob ends and my own passion-glazed, sweet-toothing, joy-fucking work begins.

A month away from making a whole new set of resolutions that are simply the same ones I’ve been making for years! A month of saying to myself: “Dude, relax. You can start your ‘real’ work come Jan 1st. Chill!” ‘Come’ Jan 1st is also ‘Gone’ the last 32 years.

That’s the fucking problem, my professional opinion would admit, when procrastination and laziness have a love child. You go to bed thinking how you could’ve wasted the whole year without advancing your dreams; then dream about getting chased by a giant tomato (don’t ask). Then you wake up the next morning, coffee in hand, scratching your balls and wondering what to do about the stuff you don’t need to be doing.

Checking email: it should be up there with other major addictions. How many are there that you couldn’t do without…really now? Not you, me. You’re probably better at this than I am. After the iPhone acquisition, the first left turn on the bed, upon awake from 4-hr sleep, is almost always for the purpose of reaching for the iPhone. I don’t get a ton of email so the batteries are thanking me.

I don’t know why I needed to discuss that. It doesn’t add anything to this story. However, the iPhone was my excuse to be organized and connected better than ever. Excuses, I wasn’t surprised, also work in the devil’s workshop.

Eh. Before I go off another tangent and completely ruin this, I gotta haul ass and get the guitar blog start jogging. It’s walking now, from crawling in October, and wants to pass the first mile mark. I’m not helping any. No standing on the sidelines cheering, “Hoo hoo, you gooo!!”

Point is, while I’m playing with the love child mentioned above – someone out there will git er done and beat me in the race. Which will make me upset, guilty, regretful, fatter, uglier, taking months out of my face and giving me wrinkles. Wrinkles I can only take in exchange of experience, not the stuff from a sentence ago.

When Larry the Cable Guy says ‘Git er done’ I laugh. Probably because he is getting it done, I’m not, and I recognize that. Comedy is truth, truth when recognized, and everything else is you and I being ticklish about work. No, you can’t be put in this mix. You get your shit done.

So, I have a choice between ‘get shit done’ or ‘watch get shit done.’ Notice how the latter added a word and made the whole thing passive. Added a word and made it someone else’s.

Nah ah. Fuck that. Can’t let that happen.

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