Going South

by Emon Hassan on December 24, 2009

I’ve been having weird dreams lately. Dreaming of huge apartment complexes where friends are living and each floor has its own food court. Each apartment complex is a floating mini-island, surrounded by green water. Sometimes the water rises and floods the area, but people seemed to have found a way to live with it. Lotsa boat dreams too.

Then there was one where a bunch of us in a bus flew off the edge of a cliff landing in a ‘river’. The bus never sank. Oddly, spectators stood and watched us floating, then leaving the bus safely, to land. As always, the characters in my dreams would constantly change shape, race, or the location they inhabited.


Stranger, when amidst a discussion with a friend, I’d half-decided to go to New Orleans in February! Whoa, now where did that come from! Then again, I’ve always wanted to visit the birthplace of Jazz. I’ve always wanted to visit the Southern states and soak in the tilted sun, weathered lands, and the rich inhabitants both living and not.

I have about 3 months to plan this out, gather up resources to fund this (perhaps find a sponsor?), and just take off. How many states? Will see. How many days? Don’t know yet. The goal is to capture what I see and hear, and come back to share with you.

I’ve been doing that kind of nature and culture soaking, if you will, in New York for the past few months. Check out these photos, if you haven’t already. Would be cool to visit your states, my Southern friends, and bring back some some.

Ellis Island, Sandy Hook, Governor’s Island, and most recently, Fort Totten.

Since my half-decision I’ve been feeling a bit rejuvenated and, shall I say, psyched!

And hey, you beautiful people, hope you’re having a wonderful holiday!

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