Good Morning President Obama

by Emon Hassan on November 5, 2008

Good Morning President Obama, originally uploaded by EmonomE.

I’m an emotional wreck this morning. If you thought joy can’t do that to you…it can. You wait for a moment like this but you’re never ready when it happens and your emotional vocabulary is limited. It’s not just a lot of happiness. Because the moment,you never knew, is associated with so many things in life you’ve lived with: anger, frustration, racism, bigotry, obstacles, dreams.

So when the moment finally happens you feel you’ve ended a marathon of emotions. It’s a new world, folks. It’s a new America. America that has always made stories like this possible.

Hope and change are not mere slogans anymore. They’re both our eyes, our ears, our arms, our legs. We use them and we make things happen.

That’s all I’ll say today. I’ve used up all my emotions last night. My eyes are cried out and the heart beats a new rhythm. I’ll gather myself better and talk more. I thank you for voting; I wasn’t able to but I was there with you. I thank you for devoting your waking hours to make this happen; you are bigger person than I. I thank you because you’ve given this person someone to look up to as an example of hope and change.

In addition to President Obama, good morning New York, and good morning rest of the world!

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