Heath Ledger

by Emon Hassan on January 22, 2008

Oh, man. Brad Renfro just a week ago and how him. Am watching Larry King now and I must say the questions he’s asking his guests sound like he was talking about an unknown actor. And who’s doing his research?

Question # 1: (to Ledger’s publicist) How did he approach the role in Brokeback Mountain? He certainly wasn’t gay.

You fucking kidding me! That’s what you come up with for a question!

Question # 2: (again to publicist, but much later) So, is his fiancee an actress?

Someone just finished talking about her. Maybe he has an off night, but when a well-known actor dies your assistants should be able to fill you in. Remember when he asked Seinfeld about his show getting canceled?

Getting off topic here. Ledger dying is a loss to the acting world. He was one of the very few who’s exceptional. One simple question that took all his guests by surprise was, “Is his parents living?”

No one knew.

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