How To Find Out Your Friends’ Perception of You in 5 Easy Steps

by Emon Hassan on April 10, 2008

1) Ask them to set you up on a blind date.

2) Tell them it has to be someone they’ve known for a while.

3) Wait for them to come back to you with: “Oh, (s)he’d be perfect for you!”

4) Allow them to set up a time and date as well give you tips on outfit.

5) Appear at date; never allow double date.

By step 4, you should have a clear picture of how your friend(s) see you. If you don’t by then, step 5 should do it. After #5, you have basically 2 choices – to, or not to, stay friends.

If you still don’t know after step 5, you have to wake the fuck up!

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