How To Say “I’m Sorry”

by Emon Hassan on April 23, 2008

You guessed it, there’s no shortcut way to say those two(ish) words then to say them in that combination and, most of all, admit that you are. Some things in life are better left unsaid. Saying you’re sorry is not one of them. You’d have to mean it though. Even though you may be convinced it’s too late and there’s no undoing what you’ve done you’d have to tell them.

Don’t be half-assed about it and don’t keep it to yourself till it’s too late. You and I have both hurt people’s feelings. I do it to people who love me more than I can handle with my puny heart and mind. Yes I can come up with half a dozen reasons to why I’d hurt someone with my choice of words. Hurting people’s feelings is easy. You find out what means to them most and attack it. It always works. It always hurts. Above all the hurt lasts.  What can you gain from it? Nothing you can be proud of and something you wear on your face called shame.

When it comes to hurting someone you love with words, don’t. People may not remember the exact words but they’ll never forget how you mafe them feel [think Warren Beatty used to say that]. Admitting you’re sorry is a good first step.

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