I’m Officially A Cartoon Character/Cloverfield

by Emon Hassan on May 14, 2008

Thanks to the awesome JD I’m now a cartoon character. A lot of you probably haven’t seen the update so go over and check it out. Joe is awesome, and make sure you check out his new story.

Just finished watching Cloverfield…..I feel dizzy and have a headache.  I probably would’ve thrown up if I’d seen it at the theater. Man, that’s some shaky camera work there.

Despite that, I liked it a lot. No, wait…the Hud character started to annoy me after he screamed “Rob!” the millionth time. My favorite line was the army guy saying, “Whatever it is out there…it’s winning.” Just kidding. Lines like that make me cringe and yell nasty things at the TV.

The real best part of the movie? Odette Yustman. If cuteness was a crime, she’d be serving life sentence. And as if that wasn’t enough, she has to be so adorable speaking Spanish.  Add another 300 years to that sentence.

Someone should break the bad news to her. :)

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