Inauguration 09: Day 2 at Ben’s Chili Bowl

by Emon Hassan on January 27, 2009

I’ve never waited two and a half hours for food in my life. I wasn’t sure I would for this one. First of all, I hate waiting. Second, I hate cold. Put the two together, I’ll soon hate my life. Kaitlin and I stood in line. If she hadn’t insisted we stick it out, I would’ve bailed and came back another time. After an hour had passed I wanted to see the rainbow at the end of this.

This is known for being Bill Cosby and Barack Obama’s favorite place when they’re in town. Latter recently moved in so you know he’ll be more frequent. But Ben’s Chili Bowl is a witness to a great many things in D.C, as is Lincoln Theatre standing right next to it. Read up on U Street Corridor.

How was the food? I can’t be objective because I was hungry and had waited so long; it was fucking good! But reviewing Ben’s for just the food is like reviewing Playboy for just the pictures. You’re missing out! Once you enter the place, you may be separated by a counter, but you are part of Ben’s gang! They treat you like a friend. Many places try to sing and dance and try to make you feel at home. They are mostly fakers! This place?

When you visit DC, find out for yourself. Try and get the counter spot. That’s where all the fun is.

[Day One Photos]

Other options: Watch slideshow in black. Or visit the Flickr set.

Also: Check out Kaitlin’s set for the day.

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