Inauguration 09: Final Day in DC – Part 1

by Emon Hassan on February 9, 2009

I’m glad I got to spend the day after in DC for this. This was a chance to go up close to the Capitol Building and see what remained of the city after the Inauguration.

But first…I need to thank 3 people who made this trip to DC possible and without a doubt, memorable.

Julie & Francisco: Thank you both for everything you have done to make this trip to DC possible, making staying somewhere possible, and being so generous with your time and patience. Thank you to F for driving us to Greenbelt station at 4am and picking us up later that night. The ‘son’ jokes we exchanged back and forth, and we did take it way out, is memorable. And of course for being our photo walk partner, esp the last day. You were patient and waited till I got my shots. Thank you! You guys are absolutely the best hosts on the planet!

Kaitlin: Thank you for going on this adventure with me. Without your recommendations and guidance in DC there’d be no Ben’s Chili Bowl, no finding a good spot at the National Mall – in short I’d be lost in that maze if you hadn’t been there. I had a lot of fun hanging out with you and learning from you. It was a pleasure!

Ok…Day 4 – Part 1.

[Day 1 Photos]  [Day 2 Photos] [Day 3 Photos – Part A] [Day 3 Photos – Part B]

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