Inauguration 09: Day 3 Pt. 2

by Emon Hassan on February 4, 2009

Smaller set than I’d expected, but that’s probably good. What you’re about to see is an understanding of what happens when one of the biggest parties in the world ends and the guests leave all at once. How does a city handle that? Only a handful of Metro stations were open in the Mall area; no bus, no cab. Only tour buses were parked at a distance. The Metro stations that were open had thousands of people waiting to enter.  Kaitlin and I (mostly her) had to figure out a way to get out of there. She knew the water front area and that’s where we finally went, in hopes of finding a place to eat or, at least, find a less crowded Metro station to get into. Thing is, others have thought of the same. I’m glad we took that route because it gave me some cool pictures including one of my favorites during the DC trip – the last pic of the slideshow.

Finally, around 5pm or so, we found ourselves at California Pizza Kitchen on Connecticut Ave having ‘lunch’. Food never tasted sooo good. An hour later it was Caribou Coffee. The couch in that place…so cozy I was dozing off mid-sentence.

It was time to go back…home sweet hotel. There was one more day left, and a few more hundred shots left in me. More soon.

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