by Emon Hassan on July 13, 2010

Going to catch an early screening of Inception tonight, a film I’ve been waiting to watch for some time now. LA Times posted an article by Ben Fritz re: the history behind casting the film. Turns out two of the early choices to star in the film were Brad Pitt and Will Smith. So, what happened?

Anyway, also check out an older article from LA Times on the film and Christopher Nolan.

UPDATE: July 14 @ 10:23 am – Didn’t get to catch the screening last night. The passes we thought we won – and the ones I had to physically go pick up – merely allows you to stand in line for a first come first serve basis. The lines for the 7pm screening started at 4pm. I’m a fan, but not that big of a fan to stand in line or 3 hours, only to find out you need to be given a second ticket to be able to see the movie. Not fucking worth it. I’ll wait for when it comes out.

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