Two Year Old Prediction on iPhone

by Emon Hassan on June 18, 2009

Kinda weird but exactly two years ago I presented a scenario where iPhone could become a one person film/news crew. That was before the app stores, before video, before I knew much shit about the phone. With the new 3Gs iPhone, don’t you think you could do all of that, and more?

The new 3Gs will let anyone make and break news, create and share more content. And yes, expect to see in the coming months; iPhone music videos, iPhone short films -feature if you dare – and iPhone reporting.

I’ll make my video related prediction – iPhone video editing platforms, much like how apps like Camerabag and Photo FX have been taking what’s captured by the camera and converting them. Expect these to emerge within this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple made a default app that looks a lot like a stripped down version of iMovie. Expect a new shift in how video is created and streamed.

It’s all good. Now, when can we use iPhone to buy sodas from vending machines?

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