Ken Burns’s The National Parks

by Emon Hassan on September 28, 2009

I’ve been waiting a long time to see this documentary, as I have to visit parks around the country and travel. Can’t say I have much else to say except that I now hopelessly want to leave home and travel. Sigh. Can’t.

But now I know that I need to plan, earn, save, then leave to make that come true. Some of my wishes for this year came through because I’d paid my dues, sacrificed my daily hours, and worked towards a goal. Many months ago I took a baby step towards saving up for good photo equipment. Perhaps it was best I didn’t travel to those parks or other great places here within the States because I can now say I’m well equipped and prepared to document my travels. After all, if I can’t share what I’ve experienced I’d be half happy.

All said, it won’t be too long, I hope, before you’ll hear from me as I embark on that trip. I haven’t explored much of this American land I love and call home. I intend to change that fact.

Here’s a preview of the episodes from the 12-hour documentary. The whole thing will be streaming online starting today so if you’ve missed it, go here.

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