‘Why’ Is Your South Asian Friend?

by Emon Hassan on November 25, 2009

Who is (s)he is not the question. Because who is the least interesting bit part of someone’s identity, I think. Why is the question you need to ask that leads to eternal bliss and friendship, maybe even the icky thing that happens called love.

Now you can say, my South Asian friend was born here, grew up here, so (s)he does not have the Eastern identity ‘problem’. That’s where we’d be pointing and laughing at you. A cat born anywhere in the world is still a cat. Why the hell, you ask, a cat?  Will make sense after you watch the video.

Can someone be in the middle of these two cultures? I just might be. I’ll never, even if I tried to, be a full-on Western or an Eastern. I’d never have pick ‘sides’ anyway. It’s so much fun to be in the middle and ‘get it’ about both sides. If I divided my 33 years of existence into continents I’ve lived in it’s 42% (North) America, 30% (North) Africa, and 24% (South) Asia, and 0.007% Europe (Liverpool England).

As you can see the division of my identity has quite the wide geographical brush stroke. Hawt-diggedy, I’m practically a New Yorker!! Incidentally, the only time I’ve lived in the South of any continent my world and luck had gone south as well. Funny how that works.

I wish I had the opportunity to trace my DNA footprints and see what percentage of what I am. I might be in for a surprise. Nature tries to give you clues – music you like, food you like, people you stumble into, places you end up in etc etc – but nature doesn’t leave much paperwork. Then again, my history is most probably rooted in the oral form of communication.

Would be cool to travel the world (my world) to find out where I was by visiting where I have been. I know I know…what I just said will make a lot of sense after you watch this TED Talk with Devdutt Pattanaik.

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