Lars and the Real Girl

by Emon Hassan on June 16, 2008

Some movies are better without previews as a marketing tool, because the previews fuck it up for the rest of us. But how will you promote the film, you ask. Well, not with previews for sure. I remember watching the previews for this and didn’t know what to make of it. No, that’s not true…I did know that I wasn’t going to watch it; the story seemed goofy and stupid.

So I admit that I’m stupid for letting a stupider preview make the judgment for me. It’s a beautiful movie! One of 2007’s best.  If you haven’t seen it – see it! I love movies that doesn’t feel the need to explain everything. Let me come to my own conclusions. ‘Lars’ had to be handled very carefully, I have no doubt. The wrong set of people could’ve – to put it nicely – fucked it up! Thankfully, everyone fell into place in making this story. Doesn’t happen that often.

Good films are out there, being written and being made.  ‘Real’ has been a reel pleasure.

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