Made on a Nokia. As Seen on the Spike Lee film.

by Emon Hassan on October 17, 2008

Sensational news!!!

Not really. But not too far off. You may remember my first encounter with a Nokia phone, which led to my getting invited to All Points West festival armed with a 5310. If you’d been keeping up with Nokia and Spike Lee’s collaboration to make a film with user generated content, you may also know that the film premiered this week.

So, this picture I took at the APW made it to the film. Pretty pretty prettyyyy good (a la Larry David), considering close to 100,000 submissions were made. Was nice to see ’emonome’ on the end credits too. The slideshow of all the pics from the fest is here.

This is of course just the beginning of social film-making, if you will. The potential is to make films at multiple locations without being there. Now you have to break out that thinking that films are only made feature and only screened in theaters. You know that will all change.

Social films will be you, your friends in different places, making collaborative films – or movies if it bothers you that much – made for your readers, listeners, or viewers. It is possible for one blogger to have millions of regular readers. If (s)he and her other blogger friends were to make collaborative films, that makes the fan base a pretty large pool. Geo-tagging is all the rage these days and mobile phones are getting more sophisticated and is gradually becoming the gadget to get it all done.

I wonder what would happen if a 24-hour filmmaking contest was arranged with participants from around the world teaming up and writing, shooting, editing, and uploading their films in 24-hours. Mmmm! I’d hit that! ;)

And you know what’s exciting! Live drama or comedy programs finally have a platform to come back. I can almost taste it.

Watch the film here. [click Skip, bottom right of screen to go straight to movie]

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