Me, My Nokia, and Radiohead!

by Emon Hassan on August 9, 2008


Yes, always the dramatic one. Remember that post from a few days ago?  Has no meaning except 9 just stands for today’s date, the same date, by the way, I’d been meaning to go see the band but never got to buying tickets.

nokia5310.jpgEnter the good folks from WOM World and put an offer I could not refuse – again, accompany a group of Nokia and WOM World folks to the All Points West Music & Arts Festival, armed with Nokia 5310 Express Music (my device came by mail yesterday) and a VIP pass. It did take me some time for me to digest this but I still don’t know I excited I am.

If you see the line-up of bands, it’s a great line-up (I say that not even knowing who 70% of the bands are). The band at 8:30 pm sounds nice. ;)

Basically I’ll be recording images, sounds, and videos of the festival all day, taking breaks to download content and chill at the Nokia den, and go off record some more. The festival has plenty of restrictions besides the ones about recording bands and such so we’ll see how it rolls. The stuff I will be – and a couple of other participants, I’m told – recording will be submitted for Nokia Productions’ collaboration with Spike Lee.

But, fuck, VIP treatment to check out one of my favorite bands!? How’s that for an end to my concert drought! The last concert I’ve been to was Iron Maiden’s, several years ago when Queensryche and Rob Halford opened up for them at the Garden.

Anyway…off to get some sleep. Will let you know more when I get back to blogging Sunday night, or Monday.

Happy weekend!!

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