Moira’s Fable: Buddy

by Emon Hassan on January 26, 2010

The neighbors whispered about seeing Buddy, the dog, coming back to look for Ron. This was a few days after the Sunday Massacre. As much as they were dog lovers, no one wanted to take him in. He hung around for a few days, then disappeared. One neighbor’s kid swore she saw a YouTube video of Buddy saving another dog’s life on a highway.

“I hope you forgive me, Buddy.” Ron opened the passenger side door and let Buddy out. Ron had bawled like a baby all the way to this ranch. He and Mona, his first wife, spent their honeymoon here. Buddy tagged along too that time because they didn’t have a place to leave him. That ranch honeymoon was the best few days of Ron’s life. Nothing could have gone wrong from that point on. But…

Ron pretty much had to drag Buddy to the ranch entrance gate and tied him to it; the ranch owners are friends and have always loved the dog. He wanted to leave him somewhere…

“You’ll be happy here, Bud” Ron tried, hard, not to cry anymore before he said his final goodbye. He gave the dog a kiss and jumped in his car. Disappeared.

Buddy barked and barked, trying to free himself from the gate. No dice. The house being far from the entrance, no one found Buddy till the following morning; Sunday.

Many, many years ago. Moira asked Ron why he kept calling the puppy ‘Buddy’ while he had a perfectly normal dog name. Ron couldn’t tell his mom why. She would have never believed him.

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