My First Photo Walk

by Emon Hassan on January 28, 2008

Great thing about living in New York is the chance to meet people, nothing new there. I’ve been on Flickr for about two years now but started to participate actively towards the end of last year thanks to Nicole – and thank you, Nicole – whose encouragement has made me get into photography with a vengeance. :)

Yesterday was extra special as I had a chance to participate in my first Photo Walk with some fellow Flickr members. It was a walk across Highbridge Park. The park would soon be closed for renovation so Mayotic, Flickr-er and chief architect of this walk, suggested we do it soon. I’m usually a little hesitant to go out with groups, esp. if I’ve never met them, fearing meeting snobs – you know, the ones who have memorized the names of every mechanical parts in a camera and talk about rule of thirds or golden triangles or some shit- but this group was awesome! Laid back, friendly, and love photography for the love of it. My kinda peeps.

I would love to do another one of these. Now before you go anywhere else…visit my Flickr mates’ pages and check out their photos. It’ll be another day or so before I post the rest of my shots, but here’s a few to start with. Will keep y’all posted.

1) Mayotic. 2) Pursue Bliss. 3) Lulu in NYC 4) Punk Dolphin and 5) Wooden Designer

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