My Rebel Baby

by Emon Hassan on March 10, 2008

March 9, 2008. Today I picked up my first DSLR camera – a b’day gift from my baby – and this also marks the first time I’ve owned any camera in my life. I mean I’ve never even owned a point and shoot. I have been taking all these pics with borrowed equipment – my cellphone camera doesn’t count. Although I love my cellphone camera as it has given me a lot of gems.

Behold, ladies and gents.

Canon Rebel XTi

I got the following accessories:

An EF 28-90 mm f/4-5.6 III lens.

4 1GB ScanDisk CF Cards (could’ve gotten two 2GBs or 1 4GB, but these came in a whole lot cheaper)

1 Impact Li-Ion battery.

Kingston Tech 15-in-1 Card Reader (meaning I don’t have to go through the painful process of uploading my cellphone pics via bluetooth)

1 Tiffen UV Filter

A Tamrac carrying case.

Just fucking dandy, as George Carlin would say. Very exciting! Couldn’t wait to take pics. Beautiful day, I thought, should be made to freeze in my camera. I did rush home. I did set up cam. I did jump on the bus to go to Fort Tryon Park. The sun would be down in another twenty minutes or so. No problem, I got enough time. I snapped and snapped. Got some pretty cool shots. The sun was spreading the right kinda color.

Got home.

Made some coffee.

Coffee brewing. Why not check out what I got.

Doodling around with camera settings.

Shots looking nice.

Will import them once I have coffee.

Oh, what’s that? Format card? Sure, why not!

(after format)

Card reads – 32KB used.


A string of words along the lines of motherfucker, fuck, shit, fucking shit, cocksucker, fuuuckkkk….etc etc.

All pics gone.

You know the funniest part about this whole thing? I have close to 800 photos on Flickr and a few hundred more on my iPhoto. And I wait till my first camera to cause my first major FUBAR.

What an orientation! This will be a great year. :)

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