N96 in Da House

by Emon Hassan on November 24, 2008

Nokia N95 is so July 2008. ;)

The folks at WOMWorld recently sent me an N96. The mission: give the device a try and, in the process, create a ‘Day in the Life of’ mini-documentary that will be uploaded on their beta version of Nokia viNE.

My first response: to unbox video, or not to unbox video? I figured it would be hard to top the first one, so I scratched it. I’ve been playing with the phone for a few days now and have had a hard time figuring out what to shoot. I’m not used to recording what I do; not a fan of my face on screen. On top of that, I don’t think I do much throughout the day that is interesting at all.However, what I see is a completely different tango. So, we’ll see how it all turns out. Right now it’s all random stuff.

I’ll tell you my initial response to this phone, post unbox. Taking into account I own an iPhone, and the experience of using it has, quite frankly, spoiled me. Why would I compare the two? I can’t not. A phone, if it’s labeled a smart phone, has to be smart enough to be user-friendly first – bells and whistles second. The N96 doesn’t pass that because it, to me, is N95+1.

In this round, I’m only giving the phone’s video functionality a try. It has an awesome camera, no argument there, and you know you’ll get good quality images and videos.

Hmm…I got nothing more to say except that I hope I can create something good. WOMWorld has sent an N96 to 19 other bloggers in the US to participate in this. Can’t wait to see what they’ve made.

17 from the list I received are:

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Makeup by Ren Ren

Update: 11.25.08

Nokia Daily News

Faux Press


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