Numbers – a short film

by Emon Hassan on April 29, 2010

Hola, my peoples! Been absent here for a while but that doesn’t mean I’ve been idle. Have been doing a lot of video work for my guitar blog – this one with world renowned Brasilian guitarist Carlos Barbosa-Lima for example – as well as my daily photo series for my photo blog. I have been been meaning to bring Moira back, but that just doesn’t seem to get going…yet.

Recently, amidst all of that, I’ve embarked on a little business of mine. Creating customized scenes and audition pieces for actors. It’s geared mostly towards theatre actors who haven’t done any work on film/video. Basically, the idea is to create short scenes that showcase an actor’s talent and range. At the same time, some actors, although talented, don’t have good material to showcase that.

I’ve had the chance to work with 2 great actors and have created 5 short pieces with them. One of the pieces showcase both actors as that makes each actor have a reel and a half. I’ll only post one individual piece from each of these actors here, and on Sunday have the short both of them were in. I’ve created a Facebook page and a Twitter account for that service I call The Reel Scene. Hope you check it out.

The first short is with Phil Willingham, a good friend of mine and a great actor. I’d recently edited his demo reel which led to his having a personal meeting with a Hollywood agent. How about that! He’s talented so that was 75% of my work made easy.

Numbers – short film from Emon Hassan on Vimeo.

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